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Hattie, a new pattern release from Violette Field Threads

When I was a teenager I had my room plastered in Coke and Elvis memorabilia. I'm not sure why, but I loved that era. I even had one of those Elvis clocks with the swinging legs. People would give me coke signs and various memorabilia for presents and I had quite the collection. I don't particularly love the taste of Coke and rarely drank it really, but something about that pretty white lettering on a red background always got to me. I drove a green 1973 Mustang Mach I and loved all things vintage. I moved away and was forced to sell my beloved mustang, then got married and I finally decided to get rid of all of those things I had collected.

Not my photo, but this is what my car looked like.

*not my photo but this is what my car looked like.

When I saw Hattie I knew how I wanted to style and photograph it. My Dad and I used to attend this local car show that happens every Friday night in a small old town Main Street near us. I have many fond memories of driving my mustang there with my Dad and my toddler niece and walking around talking about all of the cars with him. We'd have dinner at the Elvis themed Mexican restaurant there.

Hattie is part of the Classic Collection and the other patterns are the sweet Tess Cardigan and bow.

It's such a sweet button down collared shirt dress with options for a bodice only button placket or a full button placket. You can choose sleeveless or cuffed short or 3/4 length sleeves. I made mine with a full button placket and no sleeves. Kate sure got into the spirit of the shoot just like she did our 40's sailor swimsuit shoot. Red lipstick makes this girl all kinds of silly. She drew a lot of attention and the car owners were so kind. When I asked if we could take a photo near their car they even suggested putting her on the tailgate of an old truck and another lifted her up and put her on the fender of his gorgeous Impala. I promised to send him a copy of the photo. I hope you enjoy Hattie as much as we do!

Fabric: JoAnns

Headband: I made it from this pattern

Shoes: Payless

Bobby socks: Target

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