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Week 7

I messed up on my weeks and somehow got ahead of myself. So they will not be getting shots this week like I had mentioned before. Life is so busy it's hard to keep everything straight.

Everyone was upgraded to their big kid collars! They have a quick release so they are safer for tiny pups, but their new families will need to get regular collars for leashing them. Brown was the only one we couldn't keep the same color so his is now green.

Outside time is now their favorite time! There is lots of digging, romping, chewing, and splashing going on.

They are still nursing but eating solids just fine. Some even ignore Momma and go straight for the solids if there's a choice.

Picture time is getting more and more difficult. ;)

They now come when we call them and when the door of the pen is opened, they'll all run straight through the house to the backyard door.

This is such a fun age and we're having a blast!

Mr. Brown (now green)


Ellie (White)

Bentley (Red)

Miss Purple

Charlie (Orange)

Miss Pink

Daisy (Yellow)

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