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Week 2

I'ts been 2 weeks since their birthday and everyone is settling into a schedule of eating and napping. Millie is able to leave them for short breaks and is eating and drinking with a hearty appetite. She's loving all of the extra chicken and broth in her diet. She's also been taking her postnatal supplements easily. The pups have all grown significantly! We're trying to figure out personalities but they really don't do much yet besides eat and sleep and yipe loudly. :) Indiana isn't allowed anywhere near them per Millie's request. They are staying in the bedroom with Grandma and Indy doesn't even go down the hallway or he'll get growled at.

Some of their noses are turning more black as well as the pads on their paws.

Mr. Brown

Miss Yellow

Miss White

Miss Teal

Mr. Red

Miss Purple

Miss Pink

Mr. Orange


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