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Week 3

We've made it to 3 weeks old and boy has everyone gotten huge! They are taking longer naps now and don't need to nurse all day anymore. Even the little guys are gaining on the bigger ones and all doing really well. A few have opened their eyes which was really exciting. Their ears are sticking out more and their fur is thicker. They all seem to have positions in the pile that they prefer. Some are usually on the bottom, others on the top, and two of them love to be upside down with bellies in the air (Mr. Orange and Miss Yellow).

Millie wasn't feeling very well and lost her appetite so we took her to the vet. We thought she may have been developing mastitis (breast infection). The doctor didn't find anything wrong with her but gave her antibiotics just in case. That seemed to do the trick because she was her old self very quickly after.

She now likes to lie in a bed right next to their pool and sometimes they go a little crazy to be near her. They make a pile on the edge and whomever is on top is able to wiggly up and over to get next to her. We added a fence around their pool now so everybody is safe. By next week it looks like the pool will be gone and just a fence to contain them.

They were sleeping so well that I was able to get a group shot!

Miss White

Miss Teal

Mr. Red

Miss Pink

Miss Purple

Miss Yellow

Mr. Brown

Mr. Orange

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