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Week 4

White, Brown, and Yellow have their forever families!!

Our 8 little babies are doing so well. They started solids 3 days ago and are still getting the hang of it. The first feed they all dove in and ate their fill. The second feed they weren't very into it, and some ate at the 3rd feed, and others at the 4th feed. Today they all seem to be eating fairly equally at each feed. And giant Miss Purple is the biggest eater of all. Did you notice that she gained almost 1.5 lbs this week? (See Week 1 for the spreadsheet.)

Their schedule now is to eat every 4 hours starting at 5am, 9am, 1pm, 5pm, and 9pm. In between they will nurse on Momma. Pink, Yellow, and Brown are having a few extra nursing sessions to make sure they keep gaining well.

They went outside this week also! We've made a covered pen in a patch of grass and they love to explore in it. Yesterday had a lovely cool breeze and warm sunshine which prompted them to all curl up and take a nap. Indiana laid by the front to keep an eye on things with us. Millie is letting him near them and he's very cautious and gentle. He lets them come up and sniff him and will lay by them while they eat, but we never leave him unattended with them.

Our new routine is outside potty time (not at 5 am or 9pm), solid food (which is a puppy chow mush), back to the grass to play and usually a few kids crawl in there to snuggle with them. We then clean out their tub and add a fresh towel, then back in the tub for a nap. In 2 hours we put them on Momma to nurse, and back in the tub for a nap until feeding time again. They mostly slept through the night last night! It's a little crazy juggling their busy feeding schedule with our own busy schedule, but between my Mom and I, we are able to split the responsibilities.

A few of them have started to chew on each other so I'm sure the rough housing will begin in earnest very soon.

We also had the pleasure of inviting 3 families to come choose their pups! White, Brown, and Yellow have all found their forever families. We love these little ones so much and it makes us all very happy to see they will be loved by their new families as much as we do.

Miss White also has a darling name! She is now Ellie and we will be calling her that so she can start getting used to it.

Miss Pink

Mr. Orange

Miss Yellow

Mr. Brown

Mr. Red

Miss Teal

Ellie (Miss White)

Miss Purple


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